Our portfolio

Echo Polska Properties (EPP) currently owns 9 office and 14 retail projects totaling over GLA 620 000 m2. In addition to this we also own 70% stakes in two development projects located in Warsaw. Our existing buildings are located in seventeen major cities across the country, characterized by their strong economy and purchasing power, and their ability to attract international investment. Our mission is to create the leading, cash-generating platform of well-performing Polish assets in the retail, office, and industrial sectors, and to deliver a high return to our shareholders.

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440,000 sqm

total retail

180,000 sqm

total office

Our properties

Towarowa 22 - Warsaw Retail Development Site

Towarowa 22 will be the largest mixed use project in the center of Warsaw. It spans the area of  6.5 hectares and it is located in the heart of the fastest growing part of the city and is the largest commercial plot in the center.

The beginning of construction works is planned for 2018.

Wola - the district in which the site is located - is the fastest growing part of Warsaw. With the construction of the second metro line and improving infrastructure, it is the most popular location for office and residential projects. There are approx. 500 000 sqm. of new offices in the pipeline so that the area will become the most important business district of the city. Within a 10 minute walk from Towarowa 22 there are 140 000 people living nearby and according to the study between 2015 and 2025 the population will increase for another 25%. During rush hours there are nearly 6000 cars passing the plot every day.

  • Warsaw, ul. Zgrupowania AK „Kampinos”
  • GLA 81 900 sqm
  • Catchment: 1 830 000
  • galeriamlociny.pl/
  • Main tenants: Intermarche, Jysk, RTV Euro AGD, Go Sport, Martes Sport, SMYK, Zara, Van Graaf, H&M, C&A, CCC

Galeria Młociny

Galeria Młociny is a mixed use project with a combined leasable area of 81 900m² of which 71 000m² is earmarked for retail, entertainment and gastronomy. It will include a modern cinema, a fitness club, an extensive food court and a medical centre. Already 60% pre-leaed.
Construction of the first phase commenced in October 2016 with completion scheduled for march 2019.

  • Kielce, Świętokrzyska 20
  • GLA 71,600 sqm
  • Catchment: 366 000
  • www.galeriaecho.pl
  • Main tenants: LPP, TK Maxx, Helios, Jula, Inditex

Galeria Echo

Galeria Echo remains one of the biggest schemes in the portfolio, well established regional shopping centre and the most dominant retail destination in Kielce and wider catchment area. It has 229 retail units. The property is located outside the city centre, close to universities and residential dwellings, ca 3 km north – east of the city centre.

The shopping centre building has an irregular shape, with two upper floors organized on a rectangular layout. The ground floor is arranged along four corridors and accommodates a large retail unit located at the end of original part of shopping centre. Two upper floors and -1 level are arranged in a rectangular shape, with two longitudinal passageways, composed of small retail units on floor -1 and +1. Floor +2 accommodates large units with fitness, bowling and home decoration retailers. The car park offers nearly 2,000 spaces.

  • Wrocław, pl. Grunwaldzki 22
  • GLA 48,300 sqm
  • Catchment: 728 000
  • www.pasazgrunwaldzki.pl
  • Main tenants: Multikino, LPP, Inditex, H&M, C&A

Pasaż Grunwaldzki

Pasaż Grunwaldzki is a 185 retail unit modern shopping centre situated at Plac Grunwaldzki in central part of Wrocław. The property comprises one of the major retail schemes in the city.

The shopping centre is arranged over a single underground floor, a ground and three upper levels. In total the centre has some 1,270 car parking spaces.

  • Szczecin, Al. Wyzwolenia 18-10
  • GLA 56 626 sqm
  • Catchment: 470 000
  • www.galaxy-centrum.pl
  • Main tenants: Real, LPP, Multikino, Inditex, H&M

Galaxy Szczecin

Galaxy shopping centre is currently a 168 retail unit modern shopping centre after the opening of a new part of almost 19.000 sq.m.

The property is located in the central part of Szczecin. It is one of two dominant retail schemes in the region. The property currently comprises two buildings: a shopping centre and a 5-storey, 1,270 spaces car park, connected to the main building by a bridge above the internal road and on ground level via a pedestrian crossing.

  • Kalisz, Górnośląska 82
  • GLA 33,200 sqm
  • Catchment: 295 000
  • www.galeria-amber.com.pl
  • Main tenants: LPP, E.Leclerc, Helios, EM&F, New Yorker

Galeria Amber

Galeria Amber is a 117 retail unit modern shopping centre. The property lies outside the city centre, in the close surroundings of the city’s railway station (PKP Kalisz) and main bus terminal, ca. 2,5 km south – west of the city centre.

The shopping centre building has a trapezoidal shape. The ground floor and the first floor are arranged along two longitudinal passageways with two islands, each of them composed of small retail units. The second floor is occupied by a cinema and café. In total the centre has some 1,002 car parking spaces.

  • Warszawa, Konstruktorska 12
  • GLA 32,900 sqm
  • www.parkrozwoju.com.pl
  • Main tenants: Schneider Electric, Ericsson, Mostostal Warszawa, Centralny Ośrodek Informatyki, OTCF, Intergraph

Park Rozwoju (phase I and II)

Park Rozwoju is a modern complex of two office buildings. Administratively the property lies in the Mokotów district (southern Warsaw) but in terms of the office market lies in the second largest office area in Warsaw.

Both of the buildings consist of 7 above-ground storeys and 2 underground storeys. In total the property offers some 797 car parking spaces.

  • Jelenia Góra, Jana Pawła II 51
  • GLA 31,200 sqm
  • Catchment: 159 000
  • www.galeriasudecka.pl
  • Main tenants: LPP, Go Sport, Helios, EM&F

Galeria Sudecka

Galeria Sudecka is a 79 retail unit modern shopping centre. It is located on the outskirts of Jelenia Góra, ca 3 km north – east of the city centre. The property is one of the major retail schemes in the city. Phase I of the shopping centre (the hypermarket) is a single storey. The redeveloped part has an additional mezzanine level occupied by a cinema and two other units.

The centre has a surface car park as well underground parking. In total the centre has 1,709 car parking spaces.

  • Poznań, ul. Abp. Baraniaka 88
  • GLA 28,300 sqm
  • www.maltaofficepark.pl
  • Main tenants: IKEA, Roche, McKinsey EMEA, GTF

Malta Office Park

Malta Office Park is a modern office complex consisting of six buildings (A, B, C, D, E or F). The property is located in the eastern part of Poznań, at ul. Baraniaka. Highway A2 is situated ca 8 km to the south, providing a convenient access to central Poland and to Germany. In total the property offers some 587 car parking spaces.

  • Szczecin, Struga 42
  • GLA 28.200 sqm
  • Catchment: 470 000
  • www.outletpark.eu
  • Main tenants: EM&F, Helios, Nike, Piotr i Paweł, LPP

Outlet Park

Outlet Park Szczecin is the largest and the only one outlet in the Western Pomerania region, with 28,300 sqm of GLA, 120 stores, and 1000 parking places. Outlet Park Szczecin is one of the most frequently visited Poland’s outlets – in 2016 it boasted over 3.5 million clients, while during the first six months of this year – over 1.67 million. 

  • Kraków, ul. Zakopiańska 62
  • GLA 27 463 sqm
  • Catchment: 1 470 000
  • zakopianka.pl/
  • Main tenants: LPP Group, Empik, Euro RTV AGD, Cinema City, Jysk, Smyk

Zakopianka Retail Park

Zakopianka is located in the affluent southern part of Kraków with a catchment area of 1.4 million people. The city is Poland’s top tourist destination and a leading destination for business process outsourcing and IT outsourcing in Europe.

The 27 500 m² centre has a diversified tenant mix with a weighted average unexpired lease term of approximately four years. Opened in 1998 Zakopianka is well-established and boasts easy access by car and public transport. Retailers include Cinema City, Jysk, Intersport, Decathlon, Komfort, Reserved, Euro RTV AGD and many others.

  • Włocławek, Ul. Kilińskiego 3
  • GLA 25 600 sqm
  • www.wzorcowniawloclawek.com/
  • Main tenants: LLP Group, H&M, Rossmann, Multikino, CCC, and Smyk.

Wzorcownia shopping center

Wzorcownia shopping center is the first and only multi-functional urban retail project in Wloclawek located in the very center of the city, in the immediate vicinity of the PKP and PKS stations. The center was established in the revitalized area of the former faience factory. It is an example of a commercial concept of sophisticated architecture, good shopping and entertainment tenant mix, and a city-center location.

  • Kłodzko, ul. Noworudzka 2
  • GLA 23 400 sqm
  • www.galeriatwierdza.pl/
  • Main tenants: LLP Group, H&M, Rossmann, Carrefour, Cinema 3D, CCC, Empik.


Twierdza shopping center was opened in mid-2009 and is one of the largest employers in the Klodzko area, employing over 800 people. Twierdza shopping center has a total of 1200 parking spaces and offers 70 stores covering nearly 30,000 sqm. Twierdza is also an entertainment center, which provide excellent cafes and restaurants for customers. The project consists of two buildings - Twierdza shopping gallery with Carrefour hypermarket and a restaurant area and a cinema park with cinema 3D cinema.

  • Zamość, ul. Przemysłowa 10
  • GLA 23 800 sqm
  • www.galeriatwierdzazamosc.pl/
  • Main tenants: LLP Group, H&M, Rossmann, Carrefour, Cinema 3D, CCC, Empik and Smyk

Twierdza gallery

Twierdza gallery in Zamość is the only modern shopping center in the region. The facility has an area of over 23,000 sqm and free parking for 850 seats. In addition, it is the second biggest employer in Zamość, which employs more than 1000 people. The gallery was opened in May 2011. There are 90 stores within the project including Media Markt, New Yorker, C&A, H&M, Reserved, Cubus, Promod, CCC, Deichmann, Monnari, Douglas, Smyk, Matras, Martes Sport, Orsay and many others.

  • Bełchatów, Kolejowa 4
  • GLA 32 700 sqm
  • Catchment: 164 000
  • www.galeriaolimpia.pl
  • Main tenants: Tesco, LPP, RTV Euro AGD, Helios, New Yorker

Galeria Olimpia

Galeria Olimpia is a 66 retail unit modern shopping centre. The property lies within the area of the city administration borders, ca. 2 km south–east of the city centre.

The shopping centre building is arranged over a single floor and has a rectangular shape, arrange along a circular corridor, with a hypermarket situated in the norther part. Smaller tenants are located in the central location of the gallery, while major tenants occupy boundary areas. In total the centre has some 773 car parking spaces.

  • Inowroclaw, ul. Wojska Polskiego 16,
  • GLA 23 500 m2 sqm
  • galeria-solna.com.pl/
  • Main tenants: CCC, H&M, Reserved, Rossmann, Martes Sport, Deichmann

Galeria Solna

Galeria Solna was open in May 2013. It’s fully leased with GLA of over 23,500 sqm. Its tenants include Tesco hypermarket and the leading Polish and international retailers such as CCC, H&M, Reserved, Rossmann, Martes Sport, Deichmann, Smyk, Empik, Media Markt supported by the food court with McDonald’s and other food concepts. A DYI store Leroy Merlin is located in the direct vicinity of Galeria Solna.

Visitors have an access to a parking lot with over 1 000 parking spaces and an excellent access to the mall is guaranteed by the Wojska Polskiego street as well as a bike path connecting the mall with the city’s spa area located next to the property. Galeria Solna’s unique design refers to the city’s signature – the salt tower.

A4 Business Park (3 phases)

A4 Business Park is a complex of two modern office buildings. Administratively the property lies in Katowice, which is in the fourth largest office market in Poland.

Phase I of the complex is arranged over seven storeys and phase II over ten storeys. Additionally, the property incorporates a ten storey parking building. In total the property has some 624 car parking spaces.

  • Wrocław, Lotnicza 12
  • GLA 16,500 sqm
  • www.westgatelotnicza12.pl
  • Main tenants: Nokia Solution Network, Deichmann, Enel-Med, Aviva

West Gate

West Gate is a modern office building situated in the north-western part of the Wrocław, with a very good access to the city bypass and the city centre. Wrocław is in one of the main regional office market in Poland.

The property comprises of office building, with L-shaped layout of the each floor. The typical floor plate is approximately 2,700 m2. The property has 2-storey underground parking. In total the property has some 320 car parking spaces.

  • Łomża, Zawadzka 38
  • GLA 15,100 sqm
  • Catchment: 151 000
  • www.galeriaveneda.com.pl
  • Main tenants: Tesco, LPP, CCC, Takko, RTV Euro AGD

Galeria Veneda

Galeria Veneda is a 55 retail unit modern shopping centre. The property is located in southern part of Łomża. National road no. 63 is situated ca 200 m to the north from the property, providing a convenient access to the town’s centre as well as outside the town.

The shopping centre is arranged over the ground floor with a single underground parking level. In total the centre has 580 car parking spaces.

  • Kielce, Solidarności 36
  • GLA 14,300 sqm
  • Main tenants: Cersanit, Echo Investment, Barlinek, Columbus FTF, North Food

Astra Park

Astra Park is an office complex outside the city center area, close to universities, and residential dwellings, ca 3 km north – east of the Kielce city centre. Kielce is a secondary regional city in Poland with an office market in an early stage comparing to other regional cities.

The complex comprises three office buildings which are arranged over a ground and five upper levels. In total the property has some 397 surface car parking spaces. Since February 2016, there has been a temporary additional car park with 60 spaces in a location primarily designated for the fourth building of the complex.

  • Szczecin, Malczewskiego 26
  • GLA 13,900 sqm
  • www.oxygenoffice.com.pl
  • Main tenants: BrightOne, Tieto, DGS, PKO BP, Medicover


Oxygen is a modern office building situated in the core city centre of Szczecin, in the immediate vicinity of intersection of two main arteries very close to the Galaxy shopping centre.

The property has a rectangular layout of each floor. The typical floor plate is approximately 1,760 m2. The property has single storey underground parking. In total the property has some 181 car parking spaces.

  • Przemyśl, 29 Listopada 4
  • GLA 5,800 sqm
  • Catchment: 142 000
  • Main tenants: Carrefour, Bricomarché

Centrum Echo Przemyśl

Echo Centrum Przemyśl is a two retail unit shopping centre.

The property lies within northern part of the city, ca 2.5 km north of the city centre. The scheme benefits from convenient visibility as it is situated at the corner of two main roads: Borelowskiego and 29 Listopada.

The centre is arranged over a single storey. The centre has a surface car park located within western part of the site. In total the centre has some 156 car parking spaces.

O3 Business Campus

O3 Business Campus is an A-class office complex situated in the north part of Kraków, at the corner of Opolska Street and 29 listopada Street. The investment consists of three 12-storey buildings with total space of 57,000 square meters, above-ground parking and underground parking. The excellent location as well as bus and tram stops in close proximity guarantee easy access to various parts of the city. The high standard of buildings as well as green spaces around them make Opolska Business Park an ideal place for business in Kraków.

Tryton Business House

Tryton Business House is an office building located in one of the most characteristic places in Gdańsk, at the junction of Jana z Kolna and Wały Piastowskie streets, in the vicinity of the inner city centre.
The main goal of the project was to design a metropolitan building that would ideally fit-in to this part of the city while also giving it a modernistic style. A glass front elevation was used to provide this, characterized by a simple and moderate form. Tryton Business House consists of an eleven-storey tower and two lower, six-storey buildings. They are connected by walkways, which makes it possible to move about the establishment without leaving the building.

Symetris Business Park

The Symetris Business Park is a modern office complex with a total area of 19.000 square meters, consisting of two buildings connected with common lock-up garage. 
The architecture corresponds to simple forms referring both to modernist architecture of the interwar period as well as to the industrial heritage of the city. Open space areas are envisaged in the buildings, as well as conference halls, studies, and quiet rooms. 
The Symetris Business Park allows for a possibility of flexible space arrangement thereby allowing the users to shape the space according to individual needs.